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M3 DS REAL Review . M3DS Flash card adapter for NDS roms / DS Lite With GBA Expansion Pack for GBA ROMs . Main difference from the M3 DS Simply is that REAL comes in packages with optional Rumble Expansion Pack and more importantly you can buy a GBA Expansion Pack for M3DS Real and play Gameboy Advance Roms on the DS!

Nintendo DS homebrew software is unofficial software written. As it is I'm already at 13/15. If you want me to play all the seasons then one of the things you're gonna have to do is give me more character. 6.1 and 6.2 are our 'preseason followup' patches. We're very aware that Gangplank has a recurring guest slot on the patch notes. M3G6 DS Real 2.41xbeta C01 GB download ( Unknown ) » NDS ... Download M3G6 DS Real 2.41xbeta C01 GB ( Unknown ) for NDS. ... GBA games formal support SLOT-2 interface card products Perfect M3 film series and Real series dedicated GBA games expansion accessories (GBA Expansion Pack); 4. GBA games immediate increase archiving functions (GBA games each on a group of real-time archiving) ... Обзор "M3 DS Real" под Slot 1 (MicroSDHC), + обзор 3-х… Сюда входит 2 расширения под Slot 2 - GBA Expansion Pack ( поддержкаСюда входит одно расширение под Slot 2 - Rumble RAM Pack ( поддержкаВнешний вид: У "M3 DS Real" карта памяти вставляется с торцевой стороны. Does M3 DS REAL GBA Expansion Pack With Real Time Clock?

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...Pack to play GBA games, and I've seen people use M3 DS real and the GBA Expansion pack to somehow play SNES games.It can break some games that access a lot of data at once, and makes saving games a tad slower (esp RTS that dump 4MB of RAM to the card for each savestate slot). GBA ExpLoader 0.58b - DS/ 3DS CFW & Homebrew -…

Обзор "M3 DS Real" под Slot 1 (MicroSDHC), + обзор 3-х…

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22, 2011 - PRLog -- M3 DS Real Description: The M3 DS Real Perfect Bundle Pack Contains: M3 DS Real Cartridge, Rumble deviceSupports Slot-2 expansions card. (Rumble, Ram , Browser memory and GBA Game card etc.) Includes a fully touch screen & button control operating system /GUI Menu.

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